Lynda completed a design/build project with an engineering firm in Richland to remodel a local library's storage room and book stack space into a technology lab. 

She has assisted a local church congregation in evaluating their existing facility and produced contract documents for a complete toilet room upgrade to meet current accessibility standards.  

She has worked with local insurance companies to expand usable office space, provided contract drawings for a start-up church utilizing an existing building, as well as providing design services to several Design/Build construction companies. 

Many projects in Lynda’s portfolio were produced during her long tenure with her previous employer. She was design lead for a variety of projects with extensive experience designing gymnasiums, music classrooms, library and specialized classrooms for educational facilities. Most recently, she worked on the Chaplaincy Office Building for which she was in charge of document production, materials selection, coordination of building systems, design of interior custom casework, code review and analysis. 

Below are links with information on specific projects: